Choosing the Best Dialer for Your Needs

The world is now facing a new normal ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. More businesses go digital to promote their products and services that is why choosing the best dialer for your needs is very critical.

A dialer (also referred to as a sales or call center dialer) is an automated telephone system that processes outbound calls to your prospects.

It helps increase productivity because the system will dial your leads instead of you manually doing it.

Don't worry, different types of power dialers available can help you reach more leads. We listed them here with brief descriptions to help you decide.

Types of Dialer

Power dialer

A power dialer is an automated dialer that can call each number in your database one at a time.

Before moving on to call the next lead, the power dialer allows the agents to leave notes and other relevant information when the call is over.

Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer uses mathematical formulas and algorithms to predict average call response time and agent availability, and then adjust the dialing rate as required.

Unsuccessful calls will be analyzed by a predictive dialer to see whether the number needs to be called back.

Progressive Dialer

Compared to a predictive dialer that dials multiple numbers, a progressive dialer waits for the agent to finish the call before it dials the next lead.

This means it considers your availability decreasing the probability of abandoned calls so once the prospect picks up the phone, you can speak directly with the prospect.

Manual Dialer

A manual dialer is a traditional dialer wherein an agent needs to manually dial the contacts in the list.

They need to manually wait for the call to be connected whether the line is busy, you're on hold, or you reach the prospect's voicemail.

Again, there are many types of dialers to help you with your sales but choosing the best dialer for your needs will help you edge out the competition, increase productivity and revenue.

Tymbl transformed its innovative power dialer from its lead qualification into a commercial product, increasing productivity.

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