Tymbl: Simple yet Powerful Dialer

How Tymbl Works Features of Tymbl

Real estate agents and other sales professionals can now use Tymbl: a simple yet powerful dialer.

It can help you prioritize leads using data while increasing productivity and profit.

Since power dialers are becoming more popular in the sales industry, this is your best chance to take an opportunity of converting leads to sales.

Let's learn more about how Tymbl's power dialer can help you, your business, and your employees.

Tymbl's Power Dialer Features

Power dialer

With Tymbl's power dialer, you no longer have to manually dial your prospects, wait on the line till they pick up their phones, be frustrated that they hung up or the call was disconnected.

The calling process will be easier because Tymbl's automatic phone system will be the one to dial all phone numbers in your queue. All busy lines and disconnected calls will be disregarded. Once a call has been completed, the next number will be dialed, and so on.

Tymb's power dialer gives your agents more opportunity to focus on talking with clients, generating more leads and sales.

SMS service

According to a Tymbl study, 78 percent of contacts would rather read your text message than pick up the call.

As a result, in today's prospecting, SMS messaging functionality is a must.

It is now easier for you to send and receive SMS messages to and from your prospective clients or existing clients.

Tymbl has a Lite-CRM that allows you to manage your contacts.

US or Canada phone number

Tymbl recommends you set up a local caller ID to ensure a higher response rate. Customers are more likely to answer the phone when the caller ID shows a local number.

Tymbl gives you the option of selecting a phone number with a specific area code in the United States or Canada.

Yo will also be able to accept callbacks at this number. It's like getting a mobile phone in the form of a power dialer platform.


Just as we mentioned, Tymbl power dialer platform is just like a mobile phone.

That's why you also have the option to set up a voicemail -- even custom your voicemail greeting!

We know you're busy, too, so when your clients call you back, their calls will be directed to your voicemail after four unanswered rings.

You can find the voicemails in the call inbox tab where you can listen or download the voicemails that you received.

Detailed reports and analytics

One of Tymbl's features is having a call analytics tool that allows you to see the overall report of what you or your agents did.

It automatically tracks dialing activity and calls outcomes so you can check your dialing performance, dial session statistics, call lengths, and results.

With Tymbl, you can keep track of your dialing success with detailed reports and analytics then have them sent directly to your email.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and experience Tymbl now! A simple yet powerful dialer to help you edge out the competition and increase revenue!

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