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More dials, more conversations, more sales

Cheap power dialer software for salesforce

You will talk to more prospects with our power dialer platform

5 for 5 Trial
$5 trial for 5 days


Easy dialing and SMS functionality

No 3rd party VOIP is needed: it’s already built into our power dialer platform — just start dialing

1 Create an account from anywhere in the world,

2 Pick a local phone number that you want to be your caller ID,

3 Upload the prospects file simply by uploading CSV file,

4 Hit ’Dial’ and power dialer will connect you to your prospect.

Easy search = Easier dial sessions

Get more out of every dial session.

Intelligently filter leads and create saved searches that update automatically to feature hot and high-value prospects.

Search your contacts by name & phone number, make notes and send/receive SMS messages.

No contracts: month to month usage

We are confident that you will love our Power Dialer Platform and will continue using it. We do not want to lock people into long-term contracts. If you are not happy, simply cancel the subscription and that’s it.

More leads

5× more leads to speak with. More sales to convert. Multiply calling efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness.


Simplicity in managing your pipeline and contacts.

No delay

100% delay-free connections. Your contacts will not hear the silence at ’Hello’, as you or your rep connects with them immediately.

Let’s supercharge your growth

5 for 5 Trial
$5 trial for 5 days

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