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Smart Dialer

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Lead Qualification Services

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Smart Dialer

  • Call via 10 Lines

    • ■ Increase your prospecting productivity by making hundreds of calls per day.
    • ■ Let us scrub your data for regulatory compliance

  • CRM Integration

    Load your leads from your CRM.

  • Priority Sort

    With the help of machine learning Tymbl will scrub and sort your real estate leads in a priority order, so that you know what leads you should call first.

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Lead Qualification Services



    Let Tymbl qualify your leads, live transfer to your phone or set appointments directly on your calendar in exchange for a $29.99 fee and 5% of your commission.

  • Or Pay Hourly


    Hire highly trained Tymbl Inside Sales Associated on hourly basis.

    They will use Tymbl systems to qualify and return your leads back to you.

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Smart Dialer with AI data scrubber

Tymbl Auto-dialer will increase productivity and profit by making 5× more calls per day. Simply load your prospecting lists or connect directly to your CRM and start dialing immediately.

Have thousands of leads to call? No problem, let Tymbl data scrubber prioritize your lists with the help of Machine Learning, so that you know what leads you call first.

More Calls

5× more calls per day

ML Sorting

Machine Learning prioritizing

Lead Qualification Services Logo

Lead Qualification Services


You have leads that you are not servicing or simply don’t have the time to service. Every agent does. Let Tymbl do the legwork to pre-qualify them so that you can focus on turning them into deals. Tymbl charges $29.99 fee for each qualified lead and 5% of your commision. Each qualified leads can be live-transferred directly to you or members of your team via a phone or as an appointment directly on your calendar.


Hire our highly trained and certified inside sales associates (ISA) who specialize in real estate on affordable hourly basis. Each ISA average 300–400 dials per day. Hiring our ISAs will come with access to progress monitoring/analytics tools, Tymbl proprietary scripts and Tymbl Smart dialer. Once your hire our ISAs, we will take them with a customized onboarding process to fit your unique needs and your area market specifics.

Qualify Leads

Pre-qualify leads

More Sales

Turn 3× more leads into sales

ISA Dials

Each ISA average 300–400 dials per day

ISA’s onboarding

ISA’s customized onboarding


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