Switch to A Power Dialer, or Stay with A Manual Dialer

They say that time is gold.

This is especially true in the sales industry. The employers and their agents use their time wisely to become more efficient and productive.

Several tools were introduced claiming to increase efficiency and productivity but only a few have been tested in the field as thoroughly as the power dialer.

A power dialer is an automatic telephone system that dials phone numbers from an agent's calling queue.

Once a call has been completed or the next contact when a number is unattended, busy, or disconnected, the power dialer will dial the next phone number immediately.

Why Power Dialer?

There may be a lot of dialers out there but the power dialer is considered best to increase efficiency and productivity.

You heard it right.

A power dialer can have a hugely positive effect on your team and your company as a whole.

Since agents don't have to waste time finding out which number to call next, power dialing allows them to be more productive, getting more leads and conversions.

The power dialer moves on to the next number if there is no response so agents don't need to wait for prospects to pick up their phones or worry about getting connected to a voice answering machine.

On average, an agent can call about 30-40 leads per hour including disconnected calls or busy lines using a manual dialer.

However, if you switch to a power dialer, you can reach 80 to 100 leads per hour.

Power dialer definitely doubles the number of calls you can make through a manual dialer.

Amazing, right?

Because of technological advancements, calling prospects has become much more effective.

You can meet more people every hour, you can plan how you call prospects, and you can avoid the needless effort and exhaustion that comes with all of this manual dialing.

So, the decision is yours to make.

If you're still manually calling your leads but tired of it, Tymbl can help you reach more prospects with its power dialing platform. You can either switch to a power dialer or stay with a manual dialer.

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