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Register and sign up for notifications to let you know when there are new referrals available in your area.

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Choose a referral using search or notification.

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Sign a referral agreement with a single click.
I want to sell a referral, how do I go about it?

You will post a listing on Tymbl, which should only take a few minutes, without disclosing the contact name of the your client. Tymbl will notify real estate agents in the area, that there is a referal available. An agent will "buy" you referral by signing a legally-binding referral agreement with you on Tymbl and we'll notify this agent's title company and send them a copy of the contract.

How do I buy a referral?

Register and select a state or states and cities you are interested in. When there are referrals available in your area, we'll notify you. Then you login and sign a referral agreement and the seller of this referral will send you the contact info of the prospect.

How do I make sure the other agent follows through on the terms of the referral agreement and I actually get paid when the property is sold?

Tymbl establishes trust between parties involved in the transaction by

  • Ensuring that the electronic referral agreement signed by you and the other party on Tymbl is a legally binding contract.
  • Enabling you to set an escrow fee the other party will have to pay when signing the referral agreement.
  • Holding the fee in the Tymbl escrow until the title company rep of the other party lets Tymbl know whether the referral resulted in a succesful sale or a purchase or not to release or refund the fee accordingly.
  • Collecting ratings and displaying an average score for every user who completed a transaction on Tymbl.
Is Tymbl for independent brokerages or franchises?

Tymbl is completely brokerage agnostic

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